The 3 Best Ways to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss |

If you could learn the 3 BEST ways to achieve permanent weight loss would this help you to move towards the body of your dreams?

Do you think these have anything to do with starvation diets, cleanses, or extreme exercise?

How can any of the above be sustained? And since they cannot be sustained, then how can any of the crazy quick fixes you’ve seen ever give you permanent weight loss?

The 3 BEST Ways to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

So what are the 3 best ways to achieve permanent weight loss? Let’s take a look!

1.) Live a Healthy Lifestyle. Yes! You read it right! Living a healthy lifestyle is absolutely one of the best ways to achieve permanent weight loss. But do note this: A healthy lifestyle is NOT a diet. Nope! Not at all.

A healthy lifestyle is, well….it’s a lifestyle! What is a lifestyle? It’s an ongoing way of life.

A lifestyle is NOT a short term quick fix diet. It’s not something you hate doing just to get through it until you can stuff your face with all of the food you can’t stop obsessing about. Instead a healthy lifestyle is a way of life you live year-round no matter what.

What’s interesting is that you already have a lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a healthy way of life. Yo-yo dieting, binge eating, and late-night stuffing are all a part of your lifestyle if these are some of the challenges you live with day-to-day. The problem is that an unhealthy lifestyle can never help you achieve permanent weight loss, just like short term fad diets can’t either.

2.) Get a Weight Loss Mindset. Why? Because it’s extremely difficult to LIVE a healthy lifestyle when your mindset is fat.

Your mindset is 90% of the game of winning (or failing) at weight loss. When your mindset is fat you’re stuck in the struggle, stuck in emotional eating, yo-yo dieting and food abuse. However once you get a weight loss mindset then you become fit, healthy, strong and sexy on the inside, making it easy to become fit, healthy, strong and sexy on the outside!

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Since we all agree that yo-yo dieting won’t give you permanent weight loss (after all, yo-yo dieting means you’re gaining and losing weight over and over again!) and you’ve gotta live a healthy lifestyle to achieve permanent weight loss, then it follows that it’s gotta be easy and fun for you to live that lifestyle, right?

If it’s a struggle and you hate living healthy and fit then how will you achieve permanent weight loss success? You’re right – you won’t! So…. just imagine if it could be easy and fun for you to live a healthy lifestyle.

3.) Hire a Permanent Weight Loss Coach. If you want to lose weight and make it last, and you understand what I’ve outlined above in this article (that to achieve permanent weight loss you must live a healthy lifestyle BUT to do that it’s gotta be easy for you!) then the quickest and easiest way to get a weight loss mindset is by working with a highly skilled, results getting permanent weight loss coach!

Why do you need coaching? There are numerous reasons why you need permanent weight loss coaching but to make it simple for now, here’s why: The number one reason to get permanent weight loss coaching is so that you can get the RESULTS you want of weight loss that lasts. This means that you’ll end your binge eating, end your food addiction and end your yo-yo dieting when you work with the right coach who has the proven system and proven tools that work.

Without a coach you’re left to struggle on your own without accountability, without solutions that end your binge eating but WITH your ongoing yo-yo dieting, self-sabotage and lost years you could have lived feeling great in your own skin. Unfortunately what comes with that path is more fat as well.

What If It Could All Be Different?

What if you really could make a change, end your binge eating, stop yo-yo dieting and achieve permanent weight loss?

What if you could implement the 3 best ways to achieve permanent weight loss instead of only reading about them? What if you could stop searching for weight loss tips because you’d be living IN the body of your dreams?

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