The Hardest Part of Permanent Weight LossThe hardest part of permanent weight loss is doing the steps to change your mindset.

But if you do them, you will set yourself free.

If you don’t do them, it will always be easier to choose food over freedom.

If you don’t get the right steps to get a weight loss mindset then it will always be easier to choose the box of donuts with the pretty sprinkles instead of choosing the freedom of a fit, thin, healthy body.

If you don’t do the steps to change your mindset it will forever be easier to choose the pretty bag of M&M’s with their promise of “fun”, numbing out, and stuffing your pain of being overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy.

If you don’t do the steps to make weight loss easy then it will always be easier to keep choosing Sara Lee over your dream of looking super cute in a hot pair of jeans, living with high self-confidence, and loving your life.

The Hardest Part of Permanent Weight Loss

The hardest part of permanent weight loss is a) finding the right system of proven steps to change your mindset and then b) doing the steps to get a weight loss mindset.

If you do the proven steps to change your mindset you won’t crave the donuts, you won’t feel like you’re “missing out” when you don’t buy the candy, and you’ll easily break up with Sara Lee (and you won’t miss her either!)

But without the right mindset you’ll easily remain a slave to the candy aisle at CVS and the freezer aisle at Trader Joe’s.

You’ll forever remain in struggle when you pass the bulk package of cookies in the clear plastic container at Costco. You won’t be able to resist the super sized box of ice cream treats, and the bulk deli items will always find a way into your cart while you tell yourself “I’ll do better next time”.

I used to do that too, but next time came and went, the seasons passed, years rolled by, and I still wasn’t any closer to my goal weight.

I didn’t have the right mindset so I continued to struggle. Only when I got my head right did I stop the struggle.

Why Your Mindset Matters

Why is your mindset so critically important if you want to achieve permanent weight loss?

Because it is always in your mind where your weight loss goals are first one, or lost.

Because it’s your mind that tells you either a) weight loss is too hard for me, I can’t do it, or your mind is telling you b) I deserve to look my best and I am always willing to make the effort, no matter what and hey, my actions are proving my words!

The former is keeping you fat, the latter would lead you towards your idea weight with ease.

Your mind is where you think fat excuses, or you are thinking thoughts of your goals while you are taking action to achieve them.

Your mind is where all of your thinking is done and your thoughts create your emotional state which in turn motivates your behaviors which the results in the results you are living with your current overweight or obesity.

Read that sentence again and notice that is All Starts with your thinking, which is in your mind, and is based on your mindset.

If your mindset is fat, filled with fat thinking, focused on fat foods, fat excuses, and fat failures, then the body will match.

If your mindset is thin, filled with focus on your goals followed by daily action to achieve your goals, eating food only to fuel your body and always setting yourself up for success ahead of time, then your body either already matches or it is on the way to matching your thin mind.

It’s only a matter of time!

But this all depends on whether your mindset is thin, or if it is fat. And now we’re back to the hardest part of permanent weight loss, which is doing the steps to get the right mindset. To get a thin mindset, to get a weight loss mindset.

You must ensure that you have the right action plan to accomplish this feat, and then you need accountability and coaching if you want to see it through and get it done as quickly as possible. Make sure that the permanent weight loss coach you choose has a proven step-by-step system already in place – a weight loss mindset is not something you can “wing” and expect it to “just happen”.

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It’s your first step towards the path to permanent weight loss (and looking super cute in your jeans!).

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